Judy Strong

Judy's Designs
Decorated gourds
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Judy originally painted with oils, but has since worked in clay, stained glass, and a variety of other mediums. Upon relocating to Arizona's high desert 20 years ago, she fell in love with the land and its cultural designs, and began working with gourds.

Before being transformed, each lowly gourd must be cleaned inside and out requiring the use of a respirator, and then cut using hand tools. Only after this difficult process is complete does the gourd become a blank canvas for Judy's imagination. She begins by using various dies, paints and stains to coat and color the gourd, then embellishes it with beads, seeds, stones and various found objects. Her finished pieces are creative and unique, running the gamut from whimsical to elegant.

Judy believes that, "The possibilities of working with gourds are only limited by the imagination".

Her work is displayed, and for sale, at Darlin's Flowers, Desert Penguin Framing, and Canyon Bank...all in Catalina, Arizona.  Judy's gourds are also for sale in Tucson's Lost Barrio at Southwest Furniture and Design, 212 S. Park.





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